Hi! My name is Crystal i live in California I'm 18 years old and all these pictures are taken by me. c: I'm not professional, this is just a hobby! Have a brilliant day :D
→ Anonymous whispered : I love my boyfriend, I've been with him for 2 years. He has been almost like a husband to me. When my mother died he and his family took me into their home, provided me with food, rides, support, and love. He is beyond amazing and hard working and he puts his all into our relationship. I hate myself because sometimes i find myself liking this one other person. I think i'm just infatuated, but i don't understand how i could "like" someone after being with someone who loves me SO much.
dvdpena whispered : You're easily a 10.4 on a scale from 1-10.3 btw 👍

aw shucks. that was so random. thank you! hahahah.

hayleyashh whispered : Morgan hill as in the community in temecula?

It’s south of San Jose in California I don’t know where temecula is. Sorry.

kawaiiboyy whispered : Was getting the job at AA hard?

Nope! I literally walked in and the manager asked me to submit a resume and they called me back and told me I was hired.

→ Anonymous whispered : How old were you when hired to work for American apparel

I started working there the day before I turned 18